The Sketchnote Handbook: A Studying Review

School is in full swing and with time constraints of both practical experience and lectures, I feel a little panicked about studying! Throughout university, people have said, "You'll find the style of studying that works for you!" implying that once it's found, it will never change. I got sucked into that trap and tried using… Continue reading The Sketchnote Handbook: A Studying Review


Choice is Wearing Me Out

I've been stuck lately. I pick one thing up, read it, toss it aside. I click on one show, watch 20 minutes of it, and return to browse. I pick up some wool and, instead, start felting. And that is the story of how I have yet to complete a book for the past three… Continue reading Choice is Wearing Me Out


Is There Value in Scheduling Reading Time?

There are several types of people in the world, but with reading I feel like you're either a spontaneous reader or a person who has their set ritual. I flip-flop between the two often, depending upon the various demands upon my time. When I do schedule my reading, I find that it's a great method… Continue reading Is There Value in Scheduling Reading Time?


Etching Yourself into a Book

Growing up, books were treated as sacred objects, not to be touched with anything but our hands and to be left unblemished. Lending out some of my books to my friends, they were returned with writing inside indicating to which parts they had read, some phrases underlined. I was quite upset and erased the pencil… Continue reading Etching Yourself into a Book


Book Hangovers: What Do You Experience?

An oh-so-brief google search of the term "Book Hangover" uncovers several articles along with many, many memes. They all referred to the sensation of remaining in the world which you have just finished/ left; in the case of the glossary it also includes staying up too late to remain a functioning human being. I'm… Continue reading Book Hangovers: What Do You Experience?


Reading Nooks: Summer Edition

Summer is in full swing in the northern hemisphere, calling for a revamp in reading nooks. With the high temperatures, snuggling up with a blanket or a cup of tea just seems out of the question. So I went on a quest to find a nicer way to read during the oppressively warm days. During… Continue reading Reading Nooks: Summer Edition