Foxlowe: A Review

I didn’t know what else to put for the title! This novel is a bit too weighty to merit a jokey/ glib title, so we’ll all have to roll with it. I checked this book out from my local library (let us all praise libraries for a second) and I expected it to be about…

The Curated Closet: My Love Affair With Patterns (Part 1)

Thanks to my local library, I finally have my hands on Anuschka Rees‘ book The Curated Closet. I’d seen posts on her blog and the whole notion of actively working toward creating a style/ look was interesting to me. However, I’m more of a hard copy kind of gal rather than online formats so I had to wait…

What WAS She Thinking? [Notes on a Scandal]

Welcome to the life of Barbara Covett, a teacher at the local school. Her life is irreparably altered with the arrival of Sheba Hart, an alluring art teacher. The book is written from Barbara’s point of view and we learn the events of her and Sheba’s lives that throw them together and inevitably rip them apart….

The Ashes of London: Burning Up a Bookshelf Near You

Self-admittedly, I am an anglophile, and English history fascinates me to this day. However, the whole period around Charles I to basically the Hanoverian dynasty bores me a little… bored me a little. How things have changed! Andrew Taylor’s novel is an engaging read, using the factual events of the Great Fire of London (1666)…

Labyrinth: A Very Mixed Bag

Meet Alice and Alaïs, two women with intertwined lives living in different centuries. One PhD, one daughter of a high-ranking court figure, and one convoluted hidden secret. Intrigued? Then keep reading, my friends.

Agatha (my main lady) and Why Didn’t They Ask Evans?

*contains spoilers* Agatha Christie has been my go-to for novels since grade 4; her novels are full of hilarity, drama, and (naturally) mystery. They are all, also, set around WWII in England. Basically, it’s all I could ever hope for. So we begin with a young man and his chum playing golf, who discover a…

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