Book Hangovers: What Do You Experience?

An oh-so-brief google search of the term “Book Hangover” uncovers several articles along with many, many memes. They all referred to the sensation of remaining in the world which you have just finished/ left; in the case of the glossary it also includes staying up too late to remain a functioning human being. I’m definitely guilty of the latter on far too many occasions!

However, I propose a third option: Book fatigue. You spend the week telling yourself you need a break from books. You smashed your book goals for the whole year within a month. You’ve realised you no longer know what books are good and what topics you enjoy reading. You feel adrift and maybe should spend some time re-assembling the portions of your life you’ve neglected during your book binge, namely friends and family.

Writing this blog has meant I’ve been on a roll with reading, and I’ve been trying to expand the genres and subjects that I have been reading. But after reading a few lacklustre books, I’ve just lost the motivation to keep up for a little while. I’ve regressed to re-reading older books that I’ve not touched for years (ie. not Harry Potter), and spending my time catching up on Game of Thrones.

In the recent past, it has been tough to find a novel that made me sad to leave that world. Therefore, the search is kind of on. I’m probably going to be passive about it so that way when I do unearth my next literary treasure, I’ll be enraptured by its contents rather than “meh” page after page. Any suggestions for funk-breakers would be much appreciated in the comments section!

an excellent funk buster of a song!

What has been your experience with book hangovers? What books got you out of your book fatigue?

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