Happy 2019, friends! For those of you who like to use Jan 1 as a new jump-off point, I hope it's started well, otherwise I hope the continuing winter hasn't dampened your spirits too much. First things first: thank you to everyone who has followed my little blog! My numbers aren't staggering by any means,… Continue reading Hidey-Ho!


There’s No Way to Write This Title Without Making It Sound Dirty: A Review

Sometimes I like to read a book based simply by judging its cover; if it has a catchy title and a nice design I'll dive in blind to what it is actually about. Such was the case with Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal.  As always, beware of any potential spoilers below. The book begins… Continue reading There’s No Way to Write This Title Without Making It Sound Dirty: A Review


What is this Madness? Week One of Exercising

Fear not, people! This is not going to turn into a turbo-fitness blog where I discuss macros, and the latest spin fad. But seriously, I want to share how proud I am of myself for completing one whole week of exercise. It may not seem like much to regular gym goers, but with my wacky… Continue reading What is this Madness? Week One of Exercising


Pre-New Years Resolution

I have never been an individual to make New Years' resolutions. Partly because I despise New Years and how everyone thinks it magically wipes away everything of the last year (it's just an arbitrary turning of a calendar page, in my eyes), and partly because I never felt I had major things I wanted to… Continue reading Pre-New Years Resolution


The Hypocrisy of My Desire for Change

I'm always thinking about how the world should change: how to improve conditions for persons in more difficult circumstances, how to change policies which function to strengthen far-right ideals. But when I think about how to change things in my own life, I am always hesitant to enact any of these changes. I want to… Continue reading The Hypocrisy of My Desire for Change


“Recipe”: Spicy Hot Chocolate

I dislike the preamble before the actual recipe, so here it is: Ingredients: - 1 Nestle Chocolate Abuelita tablet - 1 c. almond milk (or whatever milk you want) - heaping pinches of various spices: I chose cinnamon but want to experiment with cloves and ginger, as well - red chili pepper seeds and flakes… Continue reading “Recipe”: Spicy Hot Chocolate


A Wee Bit of Writer’s Block

What to write, what to write? Placements and applications for next year have been filling my mind lately, to the point where I am dreaming about online forms and missing flights for interviews. I am, however, relieved to have passed yet another year and that this is now the final hurdle for my undergraduate degree.… Continue reading A Wee Bit of Writer’s Block