Calling for My Happiness

So last week, I talked briefly about how I feel like my internet/ social media use was cutting down on my ability to focus (yay neural network changes). However, this week I've been ruminating about the impact it's having on my happiness. This is a large topic, possibly too much for a brief blog… Continue reading Calling for My Happiness


Attention! Attention?

I've grown up between two generations: one which rarely used internet technology and another which has been exposed to smartphones since their birth. Unfortunately, I've started to feel like I've cottoned onto the trend of requiring constant entertainment and diversion, unable to remain focused on tasks. This isn't meant to slam anyone, as even the… Continue reading Attention! Attention?

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A “Hello” From the Abyss of School

Hidee Ho, Friends! It has been a while since I've last posted, and I will be honest that with the madness of school I briefly forgot I even had a blog. Whoops! Where is the "u"?? It has been a wild ride; I'm almost done my first placement and exams are looming. And throughout this… Continue reading A “Hello” From the Abyss of School

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More Time for Textbooks, Less Time for Cooking

ie. The nightmare that is trying to balance school and not feeling like a schleppy* human being because all you're eating is packaged macaroni. Being on placement also means that I come home tuckered out, not wanting to make dinner or make an effort to pack myself a good lunch for the next day. Enter:… Continue reading More Time for Textbooks, Less Time for Cooking


The Sketchnote Handbook: A Studying Review

School is in full swing and with time constraints of both practical experience and lectures, I feel a little panicked about studying! Throughout university, people have said, "You'll find the style of studying that works for you!" implying that once it's found, it will never change. I got sucked into that trap and tried using… Continue reading The Sketchnote Handbook: A Studying Review


The Ladykillers: A Movie Review

Now, every good library has some movies stashed away within. Lately, I've been trying to find movies that are good... great, even. So one list recommended the Ladykillers for an excellent comedy. *spoilers to follow!* We start off in London, meeting an old lady (Mrs. Wilberforce) who is CLEARLY a foolish busybody. The police don't… Continue reading The Ladykillers: A Movie Review